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Quality Management System
ISO 9001 DIN-certified

Environmental Management System
ISO 14001 DIN-certified


Quality. Made in Germany.

Beyond reach for others, practised reality for us. We meet the exacting expectations behind the Made in Germany label right across the board.

In the rapidly growing market of industrial 3D printing, FKM is seen as a truly outstanding brand you can rely on in any situation. This also comes from the expert command we have of the processes we use, from our efficiency as well as from the friendly and transparent approach we take to working with our customers.

They like to come back and occasionally even bring new clients with them.

The pages that follow give you further reasons why FKM is becoming the preferred choice for more and more companies.


FKM Sintertechnik GmbH - Zum Musbach 6 - 35216 Biedenkopf - T +49 (0) 6461 75852-0 - F +49 (0) 6461 75852-90 -


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